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I saw my friends exhibition today

I saw my friend May Bluebell's exhibition today. She's made the cover art to my forthcoming album Magnetic Resonance Centre. What I saw when looking at this particular exhibition of hers were beautiful vivid depictions of my emotions when on holiday.

Three of us went to see the work together, May and another mutual friend and artist. All three of us make art and are mothers... and we fit in all the things when we can where we can. Our lives are like wheelie suitcases with lots of pockets that we're constantly putting things in. I shove my things in. Unfolded... wherever they fit. Then I pull the items out again and shove them back in somewhere else and they're all wrinkly but its ok... as I keep on going. Keep on wheeling. Those women are some of my inspiration to keep making.

My kid ran around in the gallery. My friends child laughed. There was no-one else in there at the time as it was early in the day... so we weren't at risk of disturbing any other patronage... and no artwork was harmed in the process. While I know all the reasons why this is not a good idea...and that the Louvre would never run with it... with all that space and all that expression glaring at you...wouldn't it be soooo good to do that? To run through a gallery, or roller skate even? To make some music while the painted walls talked to you? Told you a story waiting for a melody? I guess that's why we need to own paintings. You bring those colourful friends bursting with things to say into your house where you can converse loudly and make music and roller skate... well it's still not a great idea to roller skate... but you can if you want to.

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