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With a music man grandfather, there was no avoiding a musical life for Felicity Groom. Its for others to discuss the burden of hearing music when you wake, when you sleep, in the morning or at night… though Felicity Groom loves it. 


Releasing numerous albums (some through a label some independently) of original material, collaborating with film makers, theatre producers, choreographers multi disciplinary art curators as well as family and friends are some of the things that have and shall continue occurring. Felicity Groom plays a rare solo performance. We trust you shall remain enlightened.

"Magnetic Resonance Centre is full of surprises, it’s full of talent, it’s full of emotion and it’s full of depth". Ben Someford, AU Review

"The sometimes quite dark lyrics soar on her angelic voice as she reflects on all the things that make us human and contemplates the afterlife"Andrew Hill, Out In Perth.

"Groom’s score propels the action with layers of rollicking synthesised, instrumental and vocalised sounds". SeeSasw

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