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Felicity Groom began her career in music playing original dark folk songs on acoustic guitar at a handful of the finest London dive bars.

She returned to Australia and assembled a band with accomplished and well respected musicians in their own right.

Groom recorded and released her much anticipated EP Treasures and LP Gossamer with the band, while expanding her knowledge about recording processes and instrumentation as she toured nationally.

Groom largely produced her sophomore album Hungry Sky by herself and by the time she produced Magnetic Resonance Centre, she was accomplished in Ableon 


Drawing from a range of influences from electronic, ambient, dance and folk Felicity Groom produces work that is as vast in expression as the tools in which she wields to make the tunes.

"Magnetic Resonance Centre is full of surprises, it’s full of talent, it’s full of emotion and it’s full of depth". Ben Someford, AU Review

"The sometimes quite dark lyrics soar on her angelic voice as she reflects on all the things that make us human and contemplates the afterlife"Andrew Hill, Out In Perth.

"Groom’s score propels the action with layers of rollicking synthesised, instrumental and vocalised sounds". SeeSasw

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